Better Late than Never


Well I guess it’s time for me to start my blog.


I have already made it across the Atlantic and am currently in the Munich airport waiting for my third and final flight to Aix.


It was a pretty big struggle to get here…not that I expected to be struggle-free (I mean lets be real, struggles are pretty constant), but these were like a whole new level of struggles. We got stuck in traffic on 405 because of an accident blocking 3 lanes of traffic, then the Lufthansa Flight attendants had gone on strike so there were a ton of people needing help and the line was going no where. I finally was told to check in with United who was actually operating my flight, but of course United is on the complete opposite side of the airport than Lufthansa. And my bag was overweight and the sticker for my checked bag never printed…ultimately and miraculously I made it on my flight after getting to cut the security line. And despite all that it still feels very unreal to be going.


I miss all my friends and family and my poor sick kitty, but now that I am on my way I can focus on what happens next. I’m pretty scared of what to expect with my family and school and classes and I hope I remember my French pretty fast. I also hope I remember how to study because I definitely did not do any of that this summer.  I am very excited to be back in France after five years and really get to explore and experience French living in Aix.


I don’t know what exactly I will write about on this blog, but hopefully I will have time to update it a few times a week to share more of my struggles and awkwardness, but maybe also some good stories and pictures of my new life.


Side note, I’m pretty sure the guy sitting next to me on my last flight thought I was a bottomless pit. I had bought myself a sandwich and apple at a Starbucks in Dulles because that was all that was still open and I was starving, so I ate that after take-off, and then they served dinner, which was quite delicious and yes I ate pretty much all of it.  So yes I pretty much had two meals within an hours time span, and may or may not have still been hungry…whooops


here is the first photo I have taken, it’s a smoothie I bought for..I think lunch? (The clock says 13:01 but my body says 3:01) But I don’t get it…it was a strawberry banana smoothie if that helps at all

Enriching Bambi. Quoi?



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