Un café s’il vous plaît


Today was the second day of orientation at the American University Center of Provence where I will be spending the next three and a half months fully immersed in the French language and culture! And by fully immersed, you can pretty much imagine that if I were a baby at a Catholic baptism, the water is France, and the baptism lasts a lot longer than 30 seconds. I am living with a family as I have already mentioned, and will be taking five classes all in french at the university center. I will also get a language partner (hopefully some attractive french student) on Friday. We are supposed to spend at least 2 hours a week practicing the language we are learning. So I will speak French and he or she will speak English. A third part of the immersion is getting involved in an activity, so this weekend there is a big activity fair with all of the different sports and extra curricular activities present to browse and pick one that is interesting. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but hopefully something active so I get a little bit of exercise while I am here. The final part of our immersion is taking part in community service, which we figure out the end of next week.

As far as orientation has goes, it has been very tiring but also very good! We start the morning with the director going over some basics of living in France like health, safety, helping out in the family, etc. We break for lunch (today we got our phones during lunch!) and then head back to school for some language courses. It has been rewarding realizing how much I actually do know of french (and how much I don’t), but I’ve already gotten stronger in my speaking and understanding. And I think I’m making friends! Slowly but surely, and by making a fool of myself in class…but laughter makes everyone more comfortable so I’m fine with that.

I’m excited for classes to start monday so I have a more regular schedule (and less demanding than being at school 9am-5:30 everyday) and because on some days I think I will only have class once a day which means more time to sleep or work out :).

I only have one good photo so far, its from Sunday when Cathy and I wandered town. It’s of the Pavillion de Vendome, and was very pretty, hopefully I will stumble upon it again while I am here.

Bisous! Bisous! (Kisses! Love!)


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