Life is Better at the Beach

Example A

This is Cassis. And the Mediterranean. Not too shabby.

About an hour away from Aix by a combination of bus and train, that I and three friends (in the right foreground) ventured to on Saturday. Cassis is a super cute typical french town with lots of tourists and lots of french people. We all wanted to stay forever but, apparently that is frowned upon.

Regardless we arrived around lunch time and ate outside at a restaurant right near the port and then proceeded to find ourselves a lovely spot on the beach. Of course I had to go in the water even though my host mom told me it was colder in Cassis than other places. And it was pretty cold. But in comparison to the Oregon Coast, it was almost warm. We spent the day playing cards, talking, people watching, running in and out of the water, and having in general a very pleasant time. As I said, we didn’t want to leave. But we’re going back. No doubt.

Mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, and warmed goat cheese on toasted baguette…amazing

Because pictures are worth a thousand words…

Other than spending an amazing day at the beach, I had my first full week of actual classes! It’s all a little bit of a blur because it was kind of a blend of syllabus week and actual work week, and having all my classes in french did not get much easier. We have two required classes, French Cultural Patterns (which examines the root causes of different societal behaviors of the french people. For example, the stereotype that the French are arrogant is around not because the French are actually arrogant but grew out of their pride following the revolution and their desires not to be looked down upon. I’m not sure if that made sense, maybe I will be able to explain it better later) and Linguistic Strategies, which looks at practical everyday french and provides tools for using the language properly. I have three other classes that I got to choose: French grammar, French society, and my first PolySci class about the European Union. It’s going to be a lot of reading (which takes me about 4 times longer than in French than English), but all of my professors are very nice with names like Jean-Michel, and Jean-Domanique (we call him Jean-Do, he is super duper French) and I think I am going to learn an exorbitant amount of things.

I think I say this pretty much everyday, but I’m getting used to living in France and being French and loving it! Last tuesday morning before school I bought some fresh produce at the market, and then thursday before school I bought myself a new bag at a different market (because french university students don’t use backpacks, so if I want to try to be cool I needed to ditch the backpack…so this is what I found…

It has so many pockets and is one of the most practical things I’ve bought spontaneously. Needless to say I was pretty pleased.

THE SKY WAS SO BLUE. This is the park I walk through to and from school, and run through sometimes after school. It was super windy for a day or so so there wasn’t a cloud in the sky anywhere

Macarons make an excellent study companion.

Bonne nuit! A demain!




One thought on “Life is Better at the Beach

  1. wow what a great little town and beach! i wouldn’t want to leave. Nice to see your shopping skills are coming in handy – like the bag.

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