Ch 2: Degustation


All is well here in Aix, other than I caught the cold that’s been going around the AUCP :/ Mais, c’est pas mal.

After many a difficulty with the bank and my credit card, I have successfully purchased all my tickets for my week of vacation!! My train tickets to return to Aix from Copenhagen arrived today, and all 8 other of my tickets have been purchased (planes trains and automobiles, I’ve got it covered- hopefully I can throw in a boat, or even a rocket ship just for kicks and giggles). AND I AM SO EXCITED. But not just for vacation. This afternoon I also booked my train and hostel for a weekend in Nice with some classmates the weekend after we return from break. And the weekend after that (aka the day after I turn 21) I am going to Paris to meet a friend for the weekend. I don’t know if I could find a better way to celebrate my birthday than at the Eiffel Tower with one of my best friends. I am so excited. Nice and Paris are two of my favorite cities in France (mainly cause they are two of the few that I have visited) and I am beyond excited to be returning. 4 weekends of travel will be exhausting, but so so worth it (as my host mom keeps saying- “you have to live it, experience while you are here!”). Or as some would say YOLO (I don’t particularly like that phrase, but it is fitting…but please don’t hold my usage of it against me).

Also, a quick remark that actually relates to something I learned in class (believe it or not I do still go to school). The French age remarkably well. REMARKABLY. We read an article about how France has the highest number of people over age 100 in all of Europe. Accredited mostly to their diet, wine, exercise, and the high value they place on spending time with one another. I’ve seen two living examples in the past two days. Yesterday at my community service at the nursing home there was a new lady who was 104. 104! I was shocked. She could pass for 87 probably. At the most. She was one of the sassiest, funniest, and smartest at the table, and with one of the quickest minds. I’m still amazed by her. I hope I’m that cool when I’m 104. And this morning on the bus an old man gave up his seat for a woman younger than him but not like super young, and the woman thanked him excessively because it was very nice of him. And he proceeded to tell the bus how he will be 90 the 4th of december (I realize that’s not over 100, but it’s a good illustration). And all about his family and grand kids etc. It was pretty adorable. But he too could pass for probably 80/85. Women age better everywhere I guess.

And a note for my sister. I WATCHED A FRENCH MOVIE THAT WASN’T SAD. So there. No, I don’t remember what it was called, but the man and the woman fell in love and stayed in love until the end. It was magical.

And two more reasons why my host mom is perfect:

1. The keys she gave me for the apartment have a Winnie the Pooh key chain. I mean really, what’s better than that?

2. She made crepes for dinner sunday night, so we had them for dessert, and we both put nutella in them because we are professed chocoholics, but Cathy then proceeded to put more nutella on her crepe after one bite because she wasn’t satisfied with the amount inside. Parfait!


As far as the title, this week we had our second wine tasting class with the wines of Bordeaux. I like the wines of Bordeaux. Very much.  Some of them are too expensive for my budget, but there’s one thats only 26 euro that I may have to buy at the end of the course. For your information, it is a Pessac- Leognan from Chateau de France 2001 (a very good year for the white wines). Did you know of the 500 appellations in France, over 50 are from Bordeaux?! Me neither, but Bordeaux is definitely well known for it’s wines. I’m getting a little bit better at pretending to decipher the different scents and tastes in the wine, but I am far from a wine snob- but that’s probably fine.

Because everyone is happy when they have wine.
Our adorable professor, and his awesome shirt. Trop mignon.

I will end with a picture of a cat (just as my favorite business professor/advisor does). I literally had to stop walking to take a picture of this cat, it was amazingly acrobatic.

Out one second story window and into another…

C’est tout pour maintentant! (That’s all for now!)








2 thoughts on “Ch 2: Degustation

  1. Haha, I’m glad you were able to find a French movie that wasn’t tragic!

    Speaking of people living to be 100, there’s a TED Talk about that, given by a guy who wrote about it for National Geographic. They studied 4 areas around the world where people often reach 100 years old, and Sicily was one of them – the diets and community connections are probably similar to France, I’m guessing. Anyway it’s an interesting talk about you should watch it!

    Hang on though, *only* 26? Isn’t that like $30? Dang, girl…an expensive wine around here costs $15!

  2. You are adorable, and I love reading about your life in France!
    Tyler and I had a pouting-fest yesterday while we stared at the picture that sits proudly on the shelf in her office. I miss you terribly, but I know that you are having an amazing time.
    Nice picture of the kitty : ) Reminds me of Management ❤

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