Yesterday it pretty much rained and thundered and winded all day long- and apparently that is a little unusual- especially the tornado part.

Today is monday, and I think it has been one of the best monday’s since I’ve been here. Nothing spectacular happened, but normally monday’s are my hardest day because I have to get up early, sit in class all day, and by the end normally I’m exhausted and a little homesick. But not today!! I actually participated in a bunch of my classes (more than normal), and got lots of correct answers in my language and grammar classes. I realize that doesn’t sound super impressive, but for me it was a win, I take what I can get.

My big adventure of the weekend was hiking up St. Victoire.

The little tiny mountain in the background. This is more or less where we started

And indeed it was a big adventure. I’ll try to be as brief as possible. Took me about 2 hours searching the internet to even find a bus that would take us there. Then, a friend of my host mom told me before I left that “YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE BLUE ROUTE” like, 20 times. But it wasn’t that simple. The bus let us off in the middle of nowhere- and at a crossroads. We chose the road that seemed to go in the direction of the mountain, wandered the road for a while, then found a trail, wandered the trail to that spot in the photo, turned around, found a different trail, and an hour later, by the grace of God, we found the trail head. Not joking, I had serious doubts we would ever even find the mountain, so I was stoked.

So much closer to the mountain

We crossed that dam, and FOUND THE BLUE ROUTE. 2hr15 to the top. SWEEEET.

Ready. and reppin’ Linfield

and a very pretty rock
These are the marks we followed. And when there’s a blue X, you turn around and go the other way

The hike was awesome, beautiful views all the way up, and about halfway we reached the first “peak” and found a lovely spot to have our picnic.

The view from our lunch spot of our ultimate destination

Another view on the way up

As we got closer to the top, the trail became more and more crowded. Which was hard to understand since we had seen literally no one else our first few hours when we were lost/starting out. Still don’t know where they came from. But it doesn’t matter. Because this is what we had waiting for us at the top:


This is the back side of part of the chapel/ monastery built on the mountain

La Croix which can be seen all the way in Aix

Pretty cool, eh?


Looking back from the bus stop- with the sunset reflecting off the mountain- pretty spectacular, and very rewarding


This was something I had put on my bucket list once I got here that I HAD TO DO. And now I really really want to go again. Maybe after break, if it isn’t raining too hard. There were also some people rock climbing here too- now that is something for the bucket list…

Another thing I have to do: my homework. Midterms are in one week! And I can almost count on my fingers the days until break! Can’t wait 🙂

A bientôt!


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