I just realized you might be a little confused by my previous post. The beginning somehow got deleted. But, last Sunday when it was super stormy there was actually a tornado just outside of Aix. And I had even found a news clip to share. But apparently the internet is not perfect and it got deleted…my apologies. Maybe there will be another tornado.

This week has flown by but I really don’t have anything super interesting to report. Here’s a recap:

-Monday: it was really cold. I ate pulled pork sandwiches for lunch. (One of my friends real parents visited for the weekend (on their way to spain…) and her dad made pulled pork for us. It was delicious). I did lots of homework.

-Tuesday: It was really cold again. I went to the market before school. I bought some tomatoes, plums, and a pear. I never got to eat the pear, someone stole it. I was a little upset. We had our third wine class (okay something exciting did happen!). We drank wines from Borgogne. Très bon. Très chère.

Also tuesday I ate dinner at one of my friends homes with her host mom. We ate a meal traditional to Alsace (where it’s cold and snowy a lot) called raclette. It comes with a special contraption to melt squares of raclette cheese to be poured over a boiled potato and eaten with a a variety of meats: ham, Spanish cured ham, sausage, whatever you have. It was super good! I was a little nervous to be a guest in someones home but all went well. I brought a bar of chocolate as a hostess gift and sent a thank you note the next day (which apparently she was “very touched by” so I’m guessing that means I avoided saying anything offensive, phew).

Wednesday: It was a little warmer. I had a vocab test. And my community service. Which was very fun as always. I got to read some trivia questions and one of the other volunteers complimented ( a little backhand-idly as is the french way) on my improved accent. I went home. And Cathy forced me to go on a run. We had discussed earlier in the day that maybe I would work out since I’m not accustomed to napping. But as I walked home I had decided that I just needed to study. But Cathy said “no no! you are atheletic. It’s part of you and I know you haven’t worked out much lately because you’ve been sick, you must you must!” “okay maammmm” I said. Two minutes later she brought in some swiss chocolates “for a morale boost”. She’s funny. I am glad I went on a run, but I don’t think it helped me get over my cold faster.

Thursday: I was exhausted. My lack of sleep tuesday night caught up to me. And my homesick day moved from monday to thursday. After school I took a little nap and when Cathy came home she was quick to encourage me and tell me not to get discouraged, keep working hard, vacation is close, etc. With some more swiss chocolate. Can’t be too unhappy after that.

Friday: Today! Thank goodness. I didn’t have grammar today (thank goodness). So I got to do a little shopping after school. And get pooped on by a bird. Don’t worry, I took a shower as soon as I got home. And now I am going to meet some friends for some dinner. Some much needed mexican food. And then to go see the new movie with Meryl Streep! (My host mom has already seen it twice. In the past week. So apparently it’s good). Oh and it was warm today. Windy, but a little warm! I wish it would stay like that but I’m doubtful.

Saturday: Tomorrow! I am going to the library!! I know it doesn’t sound cool, but honestly, I love working in the library. Normally I spend more time in the library than…pretty much everything, even eating. So my friend and I are going for literally the whole day. We’re excited. We’re nerds.

Sorry I don’t have any photos…I will work on that. Until then, bonsoir! xoxo kath


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