Une semaine pour des pensants profond

I wish I could record the conversations I have with my host mom. She says some of the funniest and wisest things. Examples:

1. Over dinner the other night we were talking as normal, and somehow the topic of marriage and children came up. I don’t remember in what order things were said, but I mentioned how I want to maybe have one child of my own but adopt as many as I can from all of the world. She liked that idea because since we have the same name she says that we have pretty much the same character qualities, and thus generous and caring of others, etc. I agree for the most part, I want to adopt because I know there are millions of children in the world who are suffering, and while I can’t help them all try as I might, I can help a few. But then when I mentioned that I may or may not get married she got serious. “You must you must (get married)” she said. “But I’m not really the marrying type!” “No no no, you have to get married. Raising children is hard and you need a companion to help you out!” I tried to argue saying that honestly as much as I would want to get married, I don’t know if I will ever find someone who would want to marry me..and raise a billion kids with me…but those ideas are hard to express in french, so I just said “yes yes that’s true I suppose, I’ll tryto get married.” She was happy after that. But don’t worry, this does not mean I’m going to get married any time soon. Or any time in the distant future. But in case anyone asks, I have to get married. Okay Cathy. (If she knew my american self she would realize just how incredibly awkward I am, and how therefore marriage/ dating is incredibly difficult- but alas, the french don’t understand sarcasm, or awkwardness for that matter, so all I can do is nod my head, say yes, and eat more bread)

2. The french like to talk. They never have silence during conversations. So even if you weren’t previously having a conversation (as in I’m in my room bent over my notes studying for a midterm) a conversation will inevitably start (as in Cathy just comes in and sits down and starts talking deep thoughts). Last nights topic of deep conversation was in regards to relationships (again, I promise we talk about more than that) and how the most important quality in a person is adaptation. More or less how the conversation began. But Cathy proceeded to talk about how important it is to be able to adapt to another person and respect their likes and dislikes and not try to limit the other person from doing the things that matter most to them. When I added how I don’t understand how people can live successfully without adapting, well, that took the conversation to a whole new level (because she knew I understood what was going on, so she was excited). It was a short 5-10 minute conversation, but filled with all sorts of life insights on life and living. Deep down, all humans really are more or less the same. I’m no expert, but there’s must some validity to the argument that all humans are connected and ingrained with similar basic moral values. Or maybe not. Please don’t quote me.

Other tid-bits.

ONE DAY AND A HALF. until vacation. and london. and copenhagen.

I’m only a tinsie bit excited. And a little nervous that I will miss a flight or a train or something. And I can’t allow myself to be nervous about getting lost, since it’s 99% certain. But I can’t wait to see my friends, meet they’re friends, explore two new countries of europe (cause really I’ve only ever been to France), eat different foods, and take a break from french.

I realized last night that I didn’t know how to spell “you’re welcome” in french. 6 years since I first started studying french. A little pathetic. It’s “de rien”, literally translating as “of nothing”.

I just watched a french movie with Cathy about President Obama. Very interesting. And considering how much the French love him, it wasn’t (at least to me) entirely positive- lots of criticism of foreign policy. But I must say that I learned more watching it than I did in high school/ watching american “news”. I will continue to think and process for many days I imagine.


Anyways, I have a few pictures. I would apologize, but I’m going to have close to a billion after this next week, and another billion from my weekends in Nice and Paris, so I’m just saving up.


I just really like this street. It leads to the Quartier Mazarin which is the nicest, wealthiest, “aristocratic”. And you can tell- all of the doors are way bigger and fancier than everywhere else in Aix. After break I will return and take pictures.

Sunday afternoon I met a friend for coffee at a cafe. Just after I arrived it started raining and thundering, super hard. Pretty much every time there is a thunderstorm it’s on a sunday. The only exception was a saturday, and that’s a weekend, so I think it follows the trend, whatever the trend is.

A tout a l’heure!!


One thought on “Une semaine pour des pensants profond

  1. The street scene in Aix leading to Quartier Mazarin is perfect – thank you for sharing! I know you will, but please travel safely.

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