18 hours in London

No time for introductions. Gotta jump right in. Vacation started with a nice little flight to London with one of my classmates. We made it to the airport and through security and to our gate in perfect timing, like PERFECT. Unfortunately, we said that out loud. Because shortly after getting crammed into a room to wait to board the plane, we were told the plane never left London, and we would have to wait 2 hours.

pas content.

Luckily they let us out of the room and back into the terminal. And after two hours onto the airplane that finally arrived.


But they waited till we were trapped on the plane to tell us it would be another hour before we would leave because of mechanical problems. (Je detest RyanAir).

BUT. After three hours we finally made it to LONDON- and even got to help a lovely french family with their bus into the city.

This was what was waiting for us (after we walked 2 miles to our hostel, and as we were trying unsuccessfully to find Chipotle- to my deepest sadness)

So I mostly saw London at night and a little bit the next morning before I got my train. This is what I saw.

Not too shabby, huh?

So getting to Nottingham was just as difficult. And anything but amusing. There was a point that I thought I might be stuck in London. My train ticket failed to tell me that I had to take the Underground to a station other than the one I asked to depart from. So very long story short. I ran through about three or four stations like a chicken with my head cut off asking whatever officials I could trying to figure out where I was supposed to go (which was St. Pancras train station attached to Kings Cross in case you’re ever in the neighborhood.). So obviously I missed my train. And again karma got me because my I had been super excited by how inexpensive the train ticket was, until I had to buy a new one. And use all the pounds I had with me at the time because my cards wouldn’t work. And after helping two more french women find the trains, and arguing about my ticket with some officials, I finally got on the train an hour later to Nottingham. And spent a few lovely days there speaking English yet not really knowing how to communicate…”you alright?” as a greeting still confuses me. But there were some lovely sights to see and it was awesome catching up with my roommate from last year!

Nottingham City Square/ city hall type building

Robin Hood

The “oldest” pub in England/ the world?

So I was more in vacation mode than tourist mode (thanks in part to how easy it was to get around downtown Nottingham ), so I don’t have enough pictures of the downtown, but it was very charming and British. I decided that England isn’t quite like Europe, but not quite like the US either. For example, practically all of Europe has coffee shops everywhere (yes yes I realize England is famous for tea), but there weren’t even that many places to sit and enjoy after say 6pm (which is before my dinner time). So I was slightly perplexed what to do with myself (since I’m so European now…) between the hours of 5 (dinner) and when you decide to go out- because you’re options are restaurant, or bar (coffee shops are closed)- I don’t know it was just different, interesting! New experiences!

British guys are a lot cuter than french guys. More classily dressed (french guys tend to be euro-trashy looking), taller, and generally cuter.

They dress up scary for halloween. Like everyone is their own haunted house. I prefer to be a cat thankyouverymuch.

After Nottingham I visited my best friend from high school at Copenhagen. But that I will save for the next time (I’m still going to school, homework is calling…)

but, here, a sneak peak…

We stumbled upon the cutest/ nicest neighborhood (where all the members of parliament live!) on our search for the Little Mermaid


One thought on “18 hours in London

  1. sounds wonderful, but did I read that correctly that your credit card did not work???? AGAIN? if so I am off to talk to Chase bank AGAIN tomorrow! LOVE the photos! You and Jessica look sooo happy!

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