Today is my last day being 20. Tomorrow I will be 21. It’s so weird!! And doesn’t feel as real being in France, but I’m having fun so that’s all that matters.

Today I had my community service, and it’s with one of my good friends host mom, and she knew it was my birthday so she brought a chocolate cake and a little cookbook for me for a present! It was super sweet and all the little old ladies sang happy birthday to me and referred to me as “the little American”.

This past weekend I went to Nice with five other girls from my program.  Although it rained all day Saturday, I had so much fun. Nice is gorgeous and it’s always fun to explore a new city. We started off the day by going to the flower market, which is the biggest in all of France. The flowers were gorgeous and I wanted to buy some but they would be hard enough to transport on the train let alone mail back to the US…. We then went to look at the sea through the mist and climbed up to a waterfall and cold city ruins that have beautiful views of the city and the sea. When I was in Nice five years ago we found a playground amongst the ruins and also a tree that I had tried to climb but really just struggled on, so I made it my goal to find the same branch. And finally, I was successful.

5 years later…not much has changed

After getting sufficiently soaked by the rain we found some lunch in a little café, and went back to our hostel for dry socks, stopping at little shops and exploring the old city along the way. For most of the afternoon we wandered around, stopped at a café, found a bakery that I had remembered from the last time I was there. And then, we walked into Le Negresco. Five start hotel on the French Riviera. The last time I was here my high school French teacher showed us the outside, but told us it was way to nice for us to go into. Se we tried. And succeeded. It’s basically a museum. Gorgeous. As part of my birthday celebrations I had thought that it would be fun to try to have a drink at the bar Saturday night, despite the price, so I went with one of my friends and sat in this super nice bar with live jazz piano and singing, and a big fat orange cat. Words cannot describe, I was so content to be there and absorb the elegance and people watch.

Nice center

Candy at the market

note: its a cat umbrella

Port of Nice

inside Le Negresco

Nice by night

Le Negresco by night

Sunday it was actually sunny for a little bit so after breakfast and stopping by the flower market to buy some presents, we went and sat by the water to wait for the other half of our group. It was stunning. As always. Apparently I might be a little too obsessed with the ocean because one of my friends said, “you really need to live by the ocean, huh?” Mais, pourquoi pas? I even touched the water. Which was challenging because the waves were really big and had made something like a rock cliff and was challenging to navigate, but I made it and the water felt great. Like always the time came to leave, and we grabbed some lunch, some postcards, and a chocolate crepe on the way to the train station. And back to Aix we went…

la mer est belle toujours

Armistice Day parade



2 thoughts on “Nice!!

  1. Happy birthday! That Nice hotel is ridiculous…their nicest suite literally has gold walls. (I think it’s just tile, but still.) Love your before & after tree pic. 🙂

  2. What a great birthday memory to have created! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Nice is nice, Le Negresco is amazing. Easy to get spoiled by how the “other half” live. The tree pic – very cool.

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