Tyler the turkey goes to Turkey

Long story short I’m studying abroad again! This time to the nation of Turkey for a short month’s studying with a group of other students from my school.

In honor of the occasion, and due to much confusion and jokes every time “turkey” is mentioned, I am bringing a Beanie Baby (remember those from the ’90s?!) turkey with me to take photos with all over Turkey.

This trip will be much different than my three months in France because I will be with other students from my school, with our professor most of the time, and with guides and tours. Our class will focus on the political atmosphere in Turkey and how religion and feminism are playing increasingly important roles in the function of government.

I also will not have a computer with me, so blog posts may be sporadic and short, but hopefully entertaining! And when I get back to the US I will fill in any blanks.
Next stop, Ankara!!
Photo: Tyler and the luggage ready to go



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