As lost as you can get to lost, without actually being lost

Today we had class at the hotel (who also brought us tea and pasteries) and then had the afternoon free.
There isn’t a whole lot to do in Ankara so we set off without much of a plan, and the knowledge that there was a small protest going on somewhere in the city, and suggestions to try to avoid it. Long story short, we set out as a group, a friend and I broke away, found the protest (we did not participate merely observed), and then took an hour and a half’s walk through the city, in a giant loop, essentially lost, but eventually making it exactly to where we wanted to go: a street with gelato, Starbucks, a park, and some shops.
The fact that our path took us down a street that cut through a high security military installment may be the sketchiest part of the day. But we were pretty darn proud to have accidentally found exactly where we wanted to go without any maps or idea where we were, so we got two scoops of gelato instead of one.
I absolutely do not mind wandering a city when I have no time restrictions, nor a large group counting on me to get somewhere. It provides the opportunity to see parts of the city that would have otherwise been past over, and get some exercise in on a day that had no other constructive plans.
And yes, I am completely aware that we are very lucky to have not gotten into any trouble on our adventure today. It is not something that I am looking to repeat. But there are only so many chances to experience a Turkish protest (probably only one), and had I even gotten a feeling that it was going to be violent I would have taken us the other way.
By the way, the gelato was awesome, and the Starbucks more or less the same as America.



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