Tyler visits ancient ruins and a rug shop

The past few days we have been driving through western Turkey. We stopped for a night in Bursa, two nights in Izmir, and are currently spending the night in Pergamon before heading back to Istanbul tomorrow.
It’s been an exhausting trip in the bus (it has just enough seats for each of us so it hasn’t been the most comfortable of rides) but we have seen some really cool ancient ruins. It’s almost impossible for me to comprehend that some of the places we have visited we’re talked about in the bible.
Yesterday we visited Ephesus, an ancient settlement with one of the largest libraries from ancient times. The city was huge and so cool. There were also lots of cats, much like all of a Turkey.

Today we went to Pergamon also an ancient city with a temple in the middle of the acropolis (literally city on a hill). It was super windy but also incredible to see the ruins and a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains.
Before we made it to the acropolis we stopped at a Turkish Rug Association, basically a factory and rug store and got to see how the rugs are made (and learned how to do the knots to make a rug) and got spoiled with tea, homemade wine, and the most beautiful array of rugs. Each one they pulled out was stunning, and the ones made of silk look different depending on the angle, so they would spin them around and make a spectacle out of it. Turkish rugs are so expensive, and I had absolutely no intention of buying one, yet I came across some sacks made out of rugs that traditionally were used to carry sacks of grain and now which could be used as a floor pillow. And somehow I couldn’t resist and got an amazingly detailed one. I’m really excited about it and I know it will be the ultimate souvenir from this trip and will last a lifetime.

Photos: am and Tyler amongst all the rugs; Tyler at Ephesus; the library at Ephesus; the larger of the two amphitheaters in Ephesus; the temple at Pergamon










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